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Morya Gosavi Ganpati Mandir

Morya Gosawi Ganapti mandit has sanjeevan samathi of Morya Gosavi.

Moraya gosavi mandir,


Maharashtra 411033




Morya Gosawi Ganapti mandit has sanjeevan samathi of Morya Gosavi, who is a prominent saint of the Hindu Ganapatya sect. Morya Gosavi is considered the chief spiritual progenitor of the Ganapatyas and has been described as the “most famous devotee” of Ganesha


After his guru Nayan Bharati’s sanjeevan samadhi, Morya also took sanjeevan samadhi by burying himself alive in a tomb with a holy book in his hand. Morya left strict orders that his tomb be never opened. Chintamani built a temple over his father’s tomb. Chintamani is described to have shown his true form as Ganesha to the Varkari saint-poet Tukaram (1577 – c.1650), who called Chintamani a Dev spelt also as Deva or Deo (god). The lineage was henceforth known as the Dev family.


Morya Gosawi Mandir is located in Chinchwadgaon.

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